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Our working and business principle is that we keep our services easily accessible for everyone which is best supported by our transparent pricing structure. With our user-friendly contact interface the clients can reach us 24/7 and should always feel free to ask questions which our team is eager to answer. Being a boutique law firm, our services are always tailor-made and deeply elaborated thanks to our multiprocessing network.

We set new levels in legal services. As a token of our commitment Barkassy Grünfeld is the first law firm to apply a target-responsive remuneration which is a unique pricing method best serving our clients' interests. We are also the first law firm to operate a multiprocessing network including lawyers with diverse expertise and professional experience in many different areas of law.



Our lawyers have specialized knowledge and experience concerning major construction projects such as the construction of the new metro line in Budapest.

Great projects are covered by very specific framework contracts with well elaborated provisions for design, construction, operation, risk management, adjudication of claims etc. We have been working with the FIDIC Conditions of Contracts including the Red and Yellow Books designed for civil engineering constructions and other electrical and mechanical works.

FIDIC is a well harmonized and internationally used collection of standard forms of contract, yet it should always be adapted to the applicable law which is sometimes a pretty tough nut to crack. Our lawyers have been involved in FIDIC contract consultancy and especially in the dispute adjudication and arbitration of complex and multimillion EUR cases, so we have first-hand information regarding the relevant Hungarian legal practice.


  • Assessment of Contractual Risk
  • Drafting and Interpretation of Contracts
  • Dispute Adjudication, Arbitration, Litigation
  • General Advice
  • Legal Representation of Contractors
  • Negotiating Contract Conditions


Our main profile is to support middle-sized enterprises in domestic and cross-border business which also implies that advising clients on corporate and corporate-related matters are among our core practice areas.

Besides the common corporate issues we also consider the new challenges of time such as governance succession planning and other family business matters which are rather familiar in Western European countries and the US but not in Central and Eastern Europe where enterprises are just facing these issues as a new phenomenon.

Members of Barkassy Grünfeld are personally concerned in the governance of Hungarian manufacturing companies and have a direct insight in the everyday legal struggles that such enterprises have with commercial contracting, warranty cases, liability issues, regulatory difficulties etc. If a full-range legal support is needed our law firm is an optimum solution.


  • Commercial Law
  • Corporate and Commercial Disputes
  • Corporate Governance
  • Due Diligence
  • Family Business Regulation
  • Foundations
  • General Corporate Transactions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Succession Planning
  • Taxation

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is one of those areas where clients need to lean on professional support and we therefore reckon this field of practice among the core expertise of Barkassy Grünfeld.

To best represent the clients’ interests we get familiarized with every aspect of the matter and the clients’ business. Our primary focus is the quick and effective settlement of the disputes be it a contentious or non-contentious procedure, domestic or international arbitration or an alternative dispute resolution. In litigation practice specialized legal knowledge and creativity is indispensable and with our multiprocessing network all these skills are close at hand.


  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Civil Law Disputes
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Corporate Disputes
  • Domestic Arbitration
  • Insolvency Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • International Arbitration
  • Public Law Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation

Family law

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Experts in team

Dr. Kovács Kornélia

Immigration Law

We are living in a more and more integrated world where people of different nations tend to join the community of each other and contribute to the common success of a modern society. Barkassy Grünfeld - based on its multicultural and international roots - is focused on helping this process with the best of our knowledge.

The colleagues of Barkassy Grünfeld are mastering languages on a really high standard. These include Arabic, English, French, German and Hungarian. Accordingly, our law firm can provide its clients who seek for a residency in Hungary or in the EU, or who are planning to start business within the EU, or who just want to get admission to well-recognized European universities with the best available legal services. Barkassy Grünfeld is the only Budapest based law firm to provide immigration services in Arabic.


  • Acquiring Permits
  • Business Immigration
  • Family Reunification
  • General Legal Advise
  • Immigration for Study Purposes
  • Immigration for Employment Purposes
  • Permits for Foreigners to Acquire Real Estate
  • Visa Management

Insolvency and Restructuring

The team of Barkassy Grünfeld is also at hand when the finances of your company do not go exactly the way you want them to or your business is struggling with other insolvent companies. If any sign of a pre-insolvency scenario is recognized in an early stage, then our pre-insolvency advice might lead to an efficient reconstruction or claim management.

Being in a pre-insolvency status is on the one hand a “paradigm shift” as far as the management liability and freedom of contract is concerned and on the other hand this status also requests more transparency and dialogue with creditors which might help to get the company back on track. Therefore, the early identification of the need for professional advice is crucial.

Our team advises the management of both debtor and creditor companies, involved in pre-insolvency or insolvency issues in order to find a proper strategy for overcoming financial and legal difficulties associated with insolvency and to help creditors to avoid debt collection errors.


  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Insolvency Counselling
  • Insolvency-related Dispute Resolution
  • Initiating Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Initiating Liquidation Proceedings
  • Pre-insolvency Counselling
  • Representation in Insolvency Proceedings

Experts in team

Ákos Kovács

Intellectual Property

We believe that the success of a society inheres in the intellectual performance of its members. Every valuable creation deserves recognition, respect and protection which the intellectual property rights provide for, however, the mere existence of IP rights without the necessary actions will not ensure effective legal protection.

Barkassy Grünfeld is desperate to provide artists with the right legal representation and also to assist them in the enforcement of copyrights.

Beyond copyright protection we provide a wide range of services concerning trademarks, patent, franchising matters, and unfair competition issues. Intellectual property law practitioners shall also have some technical sense so we therefore maintain good collaboration with the technical department of two highly esteemed Hungarian universities.


  • Copyright
  • Domain
  • Franchise (agreements, dispute resolution)
  • Patent
  • Trademark (research, registration, dispute resolution)
  • Unfair Competition (dispute resolution)


Real Estate

Real estate industry is a rather varied territory of business in Central and Eastern Europe including Hungary as well. Economic fluctuations in the region often lead to uncertainty in the property development and investment markets and many investors leave great opportunities on the table. However, Hungary, having an ever more improving economic outlook, might offer great acquisition- and investment opportunities for both international and domestic investors.

Just to mention a few inviting figures and facts: vacancy rate in office space is in a constant decline and will soon drop below 15%, there is an expansion in industrial space demand thanks to the high technical standard of warehouses and the improving road-system which boosts the industrial property market, the shopping centre density in Budapest is still the lowest in the region giving room for new developments etc.

In an ever more virulent property market Barkassy Grünfeld offers a wide range of legal services for individuals and legal entities in many property related matters like the acquisition of real estate assets and agricultural lands, negotiating lease agreements, representing landlords, tenants, developers in property matters etc. We have partners among the greatest Hungarian real estate agencies and factoring companies and with our partnership we can solve property issues resulting from loan repayment failures.


  • Permission for Foreigners to Acquire Real Estate
  • Acquisition of Agricultural Lands
  • Acquisition of Real Estates
  • Construction Law
  • Due Diligence
  • Lease Agreement Management
  • Property and Land Registration
  • Property-related Dispute Resolution
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Sale and Leaseback Transactions


The sport industry is a very prosperous business even in the less developed economies but there is a significant lack of service providers in sport-related legal matters such as sport regulation, event organization, management of IP and broadcasting rights, contracting issues, establishment and governance of sport clubs and sport associations etc.

Being sport enthusiasts and lawyers we have therefore started to focus on sports law and integrating our own sport-related experiences we have deepened our expertise on this field.

Running a strong IP law practice we decided to engage in the sport industry since this field of law has an intense presence in all sporting disciplines. The sport industry is full of opportunities for new actors who have good ideas and want to invest in sports but branding management and IP rights protection is very crucial and professional support is needed.


  • Brand Management and IP Support
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Establishment and Due Diligence of Sport Clubs and Associations
  • Risk and Regulatory Management of Sport Events
  • Sport Contracting


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Ghada Ben Abdallah


We often encounter the dilemma many middle-sized enterprises and even individuals are struggling with when it comes to tax optimization and planning. The great accounting and auditing firms are sometimes hard accessible for individuals or middle-sized companies. As a boutique law firm together with our highly esteemed tax, accounting and advisory partner, Barkassy Grünfeld offers tailor-made tax advices for individuals, domestic and international enterprises.

Our main tax advisory practice focus on corporate taxation, labour-related tax consultancy, income tax counselling for foreigners living in Hungary and tax planning of real estate transactions.

With the involvement of our tax and accounting advisory partner, we also offer accounting services like bookkeeping, preparation of annual reports and payroll services.


  • Accounting Services
  • Asset Structuring Consultancy
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Corporate Tax Consultancy
  • Income Tax Consultancy
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Review


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