Mathematics in the service of legal work.

Multiprocessing is basically a term used by computer science and refers to a system which has the ability to support more than one processor. Multiprocessing may also be considered a computation method which enables the system to process a bunch of information simultaneously which also has a mathematical aspect.

We created a collaborative working environment which is based on the combination of competitive spirit and the power of multiple processing. It means that there is a selected group of co-operating lawyers who are working on the same legal problem simultaneously thus making use of the unique features of multiprocessing.

Solving one legal problem may always lead us to several possible answers (outcomes) from which only one or just a few is correct. Increasing the number of lawyers solving the same problem dramatically improves the chances to get a perfect solution. This is pure mathematics.

You can choose from three packages tailored for your needs:

Rapid, Complex or Ultimate

Those associates who are granted admission to the co-operative team members of Barkassy Grünfeld will work on one single or only several legal issues simultaneously.

The community of such a working environment created and supervised by Barkassy Grünfeld is superefficient and makes our client to be always one step ahead of others.

How it works


If you have a legal problem of any kind be it a simple question or a very difficult case of high complexity which needs professional handling, all you need to do is to mandate our law firm to solve the problem.


As a second step we instantly build up an anonymous working brief in which we elaborate the relevant statement of facts also considering the chosen multiprocessing package. With respect to the specific package we split the case into individual sections or we prepare a complex working brief and forward it to the co-operating team members of Barkassy Grünfeld.


The co-operating team members receive the working brief and they start to elaborate their own concepts regarding the given legal issue. All concepts must be submitted to Barkassy Grünfeld within the specified deadline. In case of late submission the concept will be disregarded.

Analysis & Delivery

We evaluate the submitted concepts and depending on the chosen multiprocessing package we pick 1 or 3 winner concepts. We draft the final memorandum including the winner concepts and forward to you within the given deadline.



Better results thanks to the statistical principle.


If needed at least 3-5 alternative solutions for one problem.


Very cost-effective compared to regular legal services.


Faster elaboration without the risk of negligence.

See how the probability of finding the ideal solution rises by making full use of our multiprocessing methodology.

At Barkassy Grünfeld up to 30 co-operating lawyers can work on a single project, maximising the probability of finding the ideal solution for your legal problems.

See our packages below.


Suitable forOne specific legal question Complex issue Complex issue
Time until memorandum 2 days 7 days 4 days
Number of concepts 12 3
Brainpower3-5 lawyers 5-15 lawyers 15-30 lawyers
Offer requestOffer requestOffer request

See our value principles to learn about how we calculate our prices.

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